What You Will Learn In This Guide:

  • What is Beep Cashback, how to enable and disable it and how to redeem the Cashback.

Important Note:

  • Enabling Beep Cashback will convert Store Credits to Cashback. You cannot use Beep Cashback and Store Credits simultaneously.

  • Beep Cashback claims quota has been lifted temporarily starting from 11 March 2021, until further notice.

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What is Beep Cashback?

Beep Cashback is an easy, fully-integrated loyalty program for all merchants who use StoreHub. It allows you to roll out a cashback-powered loyalty program in a few simple steps so your business can start:

  • Growing your revenue "automatically". Businesses that run a loyalty program generate 30% more sales than those who don't.

  • Build a customer database. Your customers' mobile phone numbers are automatically collected when they claim their cashback.

  • Engaging with your customers via SMS. Send your customers promotions or entice them to return via SMS!

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How Does Beep Cashback Work?

For your business:

  1. Enable Beep in your BackOffice

  2. Determine the Cashback % amount you want to award your customers

  3. Your store's printed receipts will now automatically contain a QR code for your customers to scan

For your customers:

  1. Your customer makes a purchase and receives a receipt with a QR code

  2. They scan your QR code

  3. Key their mobile phone number to claim their Cashback

  4. They receive their Cashback to spend later

  5. You receive their mobile numbers in your StoreHub BackOffice

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How to Enable Beep Cashback

There are 2 ways to enable Beep Cashback (for all products listed) in your BackOffice: the Loyalty tab or the Danger Zone.

Option 1: Via the Loyalty Tab

Step 1:

Log in to your BackOffice, and go to BackOffice > Loyalty > Click Enable Today.

Option 2: Via the Danger Zone

Step 1:

Log in to your BackOffice, and go to Settings > Account > scroll down to Danger Zone > Enable Beep Cashback > Enable.

Step 2:

A pop-up will appear to verify if this is what you want to do. Type in CASHBACK and then click Enable:

Step 3:

Set how much Cashback amount to give customer & limitation on the number of claims per day by clicking on Loyalty > Settings. Click on Save once the settings are done.

Note: The minimum recommended Cashback is 5% (anything less and your customers may not be interested in scanning it to claim their Cashback!)

Step 4:

Sync your StoreHub Register app to apply your Beep Cashback changes.

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How to Disable Beep Cashback

Step 1:

Log in to your BackOffice, and go to BackOffice > Settings > Account > scroll down to Danger Zone > Disable Beep Cashback > Disable

Step 2:

Type in 'DISABLE' > Click 'Disable', and you're done!

Once this step has been completed, your receipts will no longer contain your unique QR codes and your customers will not be able to earn new Cashback on new purchases.

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Now that you have learnt how to enable & disable Cashback, do refer to article below to learn more on how your customers can redeem their Cashback:

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