This article will go over how you can manage your subscription with StoreHub using BackOffice Billing.

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What is Available in the BackOffice Billing?

To manage your StoreHub subscription, you have to access your BackOffice billing by going to Settings > Billing > Plans. From here, you will see the following sections: Plan, Subscription Term, Add-Ons, and Payment Method.

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This is where you can select the plan that you prefer to subscribe to.

There are Starter, Advanced, and Pro plans; and you may subscribe to one plan at a time.

Please take note that only subscription upgrade is supported currently.

For example, if you are subscribed to the Advanced plan, you may only upgrade to the Pro plan at the BackOffice.

However, this does not indicate that you are not allowed to downgrade your subscription plan at all. If you need to subscribe to a lower plan, do let us know and we are glad to help!


Subscription Term

StoreHub offers two subscription terms.

You may choose to subscribe to StoreHub on a Monthly or Annually basis.

We recommend to subscribe annually as it is better value!


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If you own a few outlets and/or have a number of cashiers in a shop, you may purchase add-ons such as the Extra Store License and the Extra Register License.

As mentioned earlier, only subscription upgrade is supported in BackOffice billing. Hence, you will only be able to increase the number of add-ons at the BackOffice.

Of course, you are welcome to reach out to us if you need to remove your extra license(s)!

Do also be aware that the Extra Store License does not apply for the Starter plan.


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Payment Method

StoreHub accepts two payment methods - Credit Card or Online Banking.

Subscribing with a credit card will enable auto billing for your account. You will not be required to renew whenever your current subscription term ends.

Otherwise, you may also utilise online banking for one-time subscription.


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