So you've enabled Beep Cashback and set your cashback %.

Your customers have been earning cashback from their purchases and now, they want to redeem their cashback on their next purchase. What do you do? This article will show you!

Note: The below steps to redeem/spend Store Credits apply for iOS Register (StoreHub POS app) only. For Android Register, please refer to the steps in this article.

Check Customers' Cashback Redemption

Step 1.
At the checkout screen, tap on '+'.

Step 2.
Ask your customer for the mobile number they used to claim their Cashback, use the number to search for the customer and then add the customer to the order.


Step 3.
Beep Cashback will be applied by default, click 'Charge' if the customer wants to proceed with payment. Whole Beep Cashback credits will apply; customers will NOT be able to redeem partial credits.


If the customer doesn't want to claim Beep Cashback, long press Beep Cashback and toggle it off before pressing 'Charge'.


Step 4.
If customer has payment due, choose a checkout option to complete the transaction.


Step 5.

And you're done! That's how you redeem your customers' cashback.

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